Five Reasons Your Dog Needs a Kennel Cough Vaccination Booster Every Year

If you have a dog, he should receive a booster for his kennel cough immunization on an annual basis. Wondering why vaccinating against this disease is so important? Take a look at these facts:

1. Kennel cough is a serious condition.

When dogs get kennel cough, it's like when a human has a chest cold or bronchitis. It is a combination of respiratory infections that are both viral and bacterial, and it inflames your dog's voice box and windpipe. A dog with kennel cough experiences a persistent cough along with other symptoms like fever and lethargy.

2. Kennel cough can take months to clear up.

Once a dog is infected with kennel cough, it can take months to clear up, even with treatment. As a result, you have to listen to your poor pup be in pain for a long time. With a vaccination, you could have helped him avoid the illness.

3. Kennel cough can make it hard to eat.

A lack of appetite often accompanies kennel cough, and in addition, the gagging associated with all the coughing can make eating feel unappealing to dogs. As a result, your dog may lose weight, potentially degrading his strength and vitality. That ultimately may weaken his immune system and make him susceptible to other illnesses.

4.  Kennel cough doesn't just come from kennels.

Some pet owners believe that they don't have to vaccinate their dogs against kennel cough if the dogs never go to a kennel. However, that is not true. Kennel cough is a highly infectious disease that can be spread from dog to dog in a kennel, but it can also occur in other environments including dog parks, obedience classes, dog shows or just meeting another pup while out and about.

Even if your dog doesn't regularly come into contact with other dogs, he may be exposed to germs related to kennel cough by using a water bowl that an infected dog has used, by coming into contact with contaminated areas during a walk (for example, a fire hydrant that has been licked by a dog with kennel cough), or through the air.

5. Proof of vaccination may be required for some activities.

In many cases, if you plan to enroll your dog in a class or drop him off at a doggy day care, you may be required to show proof of vaccination. Ensuring your dog has the recommended vaccinations on time, helps to ensure that he won't' be turned away from any facilities or experiences due to not being vaccinated.

To learn more about kennel cough vaccinations or other dog vaccinations, contact a vet.